Guo Gan

Guo Gan
Master Guo Gan is the first Chinese folk musician and erhu performer to win many international
awards, including 2015 Medalist of the Knights in French Literature and Arts, Outstanding
Chinese Artist Award for Civilization and Dialogue, as well as the 20th World Outstanding Chinese
Artist Award. He is a member of the French Artist Composers Association, a UNESCO invited
artist, and an honorary director of the Chinese National Orchestra Association.
Master Guo Gan holds a bachelor’s degree in music (Erhu) from Shenyang Conservatory of Music
and a master’s degree from the National Music School of Fresnes in Paris. He joined over 5000
concerts in more than 80 countries, published more than 70 albums, integrating rich elements
into them, including world music, classic, jazz, ballet, opera, modern, and pop. His masterpieces
are heard in many Chinese and Western movies, such as KungFu Panda 3, Shaolin, and L’Idole.
He is a frequent player at many worldwide famous con

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Guo Gan

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Nombre d'artistes : 2 artistes
Tarif TTC : de 2500 à 5000 €
Genres de musiques : Musique du Monde